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The Southport Community Broadband initiative to bring equal access to high-speed affordable and reliable broadband service to all island properties is moving forward!

We thank our voters for making this possible.

We have a lot of work to do before the cost of this project can be determined and we can know what combination of grant funds, private individual support, and municipal bond funding will be needed. To stay informed please watch this website for updates.

Timeline Update:

Update Posted: August 23, 2021:

Axiom Technology’s bid for the project construction phase of Southport’s fiber optic broadband network and their bid to become the network’s Internet Service Provider were both approved by the Southport Select Board after the close of the RFP bid process that took place this past June and July.

The PUBLIC / PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP CONSTRUCTION AGREEMENT BETWEEN Town of Southport AND AXIOM Technologies, LLC was signed by the Southport Selectmen and Mark Ouellette of Axiom on July 28, 2021.

Also signed on July 28, 2021 was the Internet Service Agreement between the Town of Southport and Axiom Technologies, LLC.

Project Construction:
Over the next year Axiom Technologies is teaming with Hawkeye Connections to build Southport’s fiber optic broadband network. Axiom and Hawkeye look forward to working together on Southport. If you see Hawkeye trucks or meet someone unexpectedly walking down your driveway, this “on the ground” pole survey project is the next step of the process to determine where Southport’s fiber cables will be placed. Hawkeye and Axiom trucks will become a fixture in the community as they do their work to construct our “Fiber to the Home” network.

Internet Service Provider:
Axiom, in business for over 17 years delivering critical communication services to rural Maine communities, will be Southport’s Internet Service Provider. In the months to come, Axiom will take pre-installation phone calls to discuss any questions that Southport community members may have, and to take subscription sign ups. Axiom will work closely with town officials and the Southport Broadband Committee to keep everyone informed of the progress. We all look forward to talking with you!

Project Brochure:

For additional information please click on the project brochure link below:


Please get in touch with the Southport Broadband Committee with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Maine Broadband Coalition’s Speed Test. You can help us identify the areas on Southport where current Internet speeds are below the level of “adequate service”. Please click on the link below and follow the directions to take this “Speed Test” at your home here on Southport.

How you can help bring high-speed, affordable reliable broadband to Southport:

Two very important ways that all Southport residents can help the Broadband Committee move this project forward, maximizing our ability to seek grant funds and our ability to share project updates and keep our community informed.

1. Please click on the link above and take the Maine Broadband Coalition’s Speed test.

2. Please help us stay in touch with you.

To receive alerts to website updates and to keep your household accurately informed, will you please share your preferred contact information?


Southport Community Broadband PO Box 298 Southport, ME 04576 207-217-7743